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John Coutts

John Coutts

I am John Coutts. I come from the county of Shetland in the north of Scotland where the shaggy Shetland Ponies roam over barren hills.

I moved with my family, my wife and son, to live and work in Spain in April of 2007. We didn’t go to the Costas with their many British expat communities, though. We settled in rural Extremadura in southwest Spain, a place of considerable natural beauty where English is rarely spoken, where the people are friendly and helpful, and where the sun shines some 320 days a year.

I work online and have done so for over 22 years now. For many years I wrote web content for clients all over the world, but now I am concentrating more on affiliate marketing, and this site is a part of that venture.

I reached retirement age several years ago, but I decided to keep working as I actually enjoy what I do. I hope you enjoy my site and the reviews, tips, and information on these pages!

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