Welcome to my site, John Coutts Online!

Welcome to my JohnCouttsOnline.com! Here you will mostly find online product reviews, but also occasional news items, tips and information about what’s happening in the online world.

I am a real person, from Scotland originally, but now living in southwest Spain.

I am a real person. My name is John Coutts, and I live in southwest Spain with my family. I come from Shetland in the north of Scotland, a place where Shetland Ponies roam over the barren hills.

I will always strive to make my product reviews honest and informative. I won’t build up a product if I think it’s not worth buying, just to make a commission, but I will get enthusiastic about a product if I genuinely think it’s really good.

I will be publishing review on a regular basis, with the occasional tips and useful information from time to time. This will be an exciting journey for me. I hope you will take the journey with me. Visit often to see what’s happening!

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